Stock Brokers 06 Apr, 2022

Top 10 Stock Brokers In India 2022

This is your ultimate destination to find the best suitable Stock Broker for you. In 2022, there has been a rise in the number of people moving towards the Stock Market. If you are thinking of starting your Investment in the Share Market, then first you will need to find a stock Broker to start. So, we have listed down the Top 10 Stock Brokers in India.

Why do you need a Stock Broker?

A few years ago when I started learning about the stock markets, I was excited to open my first Demat account. But, no one helped me with all the information that I wanted. I researched a lot for 3-4 weeks to understand what the process is. Finally, I started with the Demat process and ended up choosing an unsuitable Stock Broker for myself. You must consider yourself lucky as now you will not repeat that mistake. I have brought all that up here in this article for you.

To invest in the Share Market, you need to open a Demat Account with a Stock Broker. Your Stockbroker is the Middleman between you and the Share Market. All your buys and sells will take place with the help of this Stock Broker. Stock Brokers will charge a minimal fee for the service and make your Investment Process much Easier.

Which Investor are you?

A) A Long-term Investor
If you are a long-term Investor like me who buys and holds shares for a longer time then you need a broker who gives you timely reports in the short term. With the help of this, you can easily make your investments at the right time. A broker with a good long-term strategy and a proper plan to execute will be ideal for you.
Here, trusted brokers like Motilal Oswal, Zerodha can be suitable for you. Of course, there are more options.

B) A Day Trader
If you deal in short-term Market risk that means trading in a day, then you will look for a Broker with low/flat fees on transactions. As an Intraday Trader, you will make multiple transactions that too in a short term, so choosing the broker with minimal fee cost for such transactions are suitable for you. Here, Zerodha, RKSV Security can be ideal to choose from.

Remember, you can consider the User Interface of these platforms too as it must be quick and smooth for an Intraday Trader.

Before we move forward and choose from the top list of brokers in India. You must know the two prominent types of brokerage services offered.

1. Discount Brokers
In 2010, Zerodha was the first company to come up with Discount broking. Discount brokers offer services at a deliberately lower charge that attracts customers. This was a revolutionary step in the Indian Market to come up with discount Brokering. After Zerodha, many other Brokers started with discount brokering facilities and now there are good numbers of Discount Brokers in the Market. 
When I started initially, I spent a lot of time researching this topic because Discount Brokers are the best and first choice for beginners. Many people opt for Discount Brokers and that is the reason there is the rise in Discount Brokers in India. These are a few Top Discount Brokers in India
a. Zerodha
b. Upstox
c. Groww

2. Full-Service Brokers
Many people these days try and get into multiple options of Investing. This is also an option to be financially secure for those who look for less risk but still want to get into safer Investing. Full-Service Brokers are the Brokers who Offer Multiple Investing Apart from Share Investments. Mutual Funds, IPO,
Access to foreign markets, estate planning, and much more.
If you are someone who does not hesitate to invest in multiple forms of investment, then a good Full-Service Broker is best for you.
Below are the top Best Service Brokers in India

a. HDFC Securities
b. Kotak Securities
c. ICICI Direct

Easily Made for you is this List of Top Stock Brokers in India and that is why you are now free to make your decision of the Stock Broker you want to start Your Kickass Investment Journey

You May think Why is Angel One at the Top and what are the reasons people are going for Angel One Broker. Your Ultimate decision should not be as per the other. To help you more, I have listed down three main points why there are more clients on Angel One in comparison to Groww.

It is evident to say why Angel One (Angel Broking) is at the Top. If we see the user’s preference, Angel One is at the top due to its wide variety of trading and Investing options available. Groww on the other hand does not provide Future & Options. For Investors and Traders, it is a big NO if they are into futures &Options because it is very easy for them to have all the options available on a single platform.

1. Less Brokerage
If you invest Rs. 1000 in Groww in Equity Delivery, your charge will be around Rs. 1.63 
If you invest Rs. 1000 in Angel One in Equity Delivery, you won’t be charged for it.
This gives you a clear picture of why even beginners and Experts choose Angel One.
Not to forget the easy interface of the platform (Angel One) that is an on for choosing it over Groww.

2. Active Clients Data
Angel One has a greater number of clients as we all know the reasons. More Active clients also encourage other new users to build trust and faith in the Broker. Users are usually attracted to less brokerage and better service. Angel One has better and simplified UI/UX that triggers action. For traders, this is considered to have the bang on Yes when they trade. “Time is everything” In Stock Market and so if the platform is not user friendly you may not choose it.

3. Goodwill
We all trust the platform which is surviving and growing for the last many years in the market. Here comes the Goodwill that Angel One has created in 1987. Groww on the other hand was started in the mid-’20s and had only Direct Mutual Funds investment options. They came up with all other Equity tradings in 2020. That is the power of Goodwill that Angel One has and that is one of the reasons why it is on No. 1 Position in comparison to Groww.
Choosing a Stock Broker is now all made up for you. You are all set to Quickly choose The Best one for you. Investment is not difficult if you understand it simply and so here are we to help you always.